Introducing signum

Powered by explanatory analytics, our on-demand SIGNUM Platform helps brands improve decision-making with insights that drive revenue.

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signum for Restaurants

Quantifind's platform reveals where competitors are impacting your business and why. Get the insights you need to steal market share.

Executive Overview

Solutions by Vertical

Coming soon! Three additional vertical solutions. These leading-edge data sets will give you a powerful fresh look at where and how your competitors drive revenue.




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signum Analysis

Reach conclusions quickly by understanding what drives revenue. 


Know what works

Discover what's working for your brand and competitors, understand why, and learn how to improve it in real time.

Executive Overview

Find what’s driving growth for you, your competitors, and your category.

Explore popular drivers

Intuitively drill into how a topic, demographic, or trend is impacting your performance over time – and why.


Unlock the value of existing voice of customer data by integrating it into a platform correlating to KPIs and buyer behavior, not buzz and sentiment.

signum Voice

Intuitively explore organic customer conversations, and let the data tell you who and what is driving your business performance.


Compare topic content

Drill into conversations of buyers within your vertical. See what’s top of mind with the people who spend.

Use your curiosity to explore and understand the audience conversation around topic drivers.

Apply Quantifind’s exclusive buyer filter

See how the details of your buyer’s conversations change when modeled to your KPI.


Compare and investigate how topics have resonated as a driver for the brand over time.

Compare demographics

Add filters to compare against age, geos, competitors, timeframes, etc.


signum Impact

Powered by cutting-edge data science, SIGNUM Impact transforms marketing measurement and quantifies the effect of your campaign in hard dollars.


Measure and Explore Impact

Learn what's working with whom and why – in-flight – to optimize your marketing effectiveness.

Executive Overview

One-click access to campaign performance, audience response, and messaging efficacy. 

The Data that Drives signum

Our platform uses predictive models to extract insights from large sets of consumer conversations. We find consumer language patterns that are meaningful in driving sales or other KPIs for your brand.  


Work with a platform built by world-renowned data scientists to help you intuitively discover what’s driving your business and how to improve your performance.