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Quantifind Data Cited in Wall Street Journal

Joshua Reynolds, head of marketing and client consulting at Quantifind, estimates ice cream desserts make up 3% of the company’s U.S. sales.

“I’m not sure how much of that $255 million is melting down the drain, but we know that’s what’s at risk,” he said.

Quantifind's Signum Impact Measures ROI of Campaigns, Sponsorships

How can you measure the dollar impact of brand campaigns and sponsorships?

Quantifind, a data science company based in Menlo Park, Calif., will likely suggest you try Signum Impact, the latest offering in its Signum product line.

Quantifind Featured on Raw Data Podcast

Quantifind co-founder Ari Tuchman told Raw Data that when sifting through data to find a useful trend or metric, about 85% of the data is useless noise. If there is gold, it takes a lot of digging – and knowing where to mine.

Successful companies in this space must adopt a big data mindset, where an increasing number of decisions – whether that’s investing in new products, tapping into new markets, or recruiting new talent – will all be driven by data.

Panera's Q3 earnings: The numbers behind a healthy performance

Panera reported a healthy Q3 performance Tuesday with earnings per share hitting $1.37, ahead of Wall Street's $1.34 projection. Sales reached $684 million in the quarter, up from $665 million in Q3 2015.

Curious what's going on behind the numbers? Quantifind's SIGNUM for Restaurants, which filters and correlates consumer conversation to restaurant sales numbers, found that Panera's push to remove all artificial ingredients from its food continues to enhance its popularity among healthy consumers

Why CMOs Are, In Fact, Chief Mystery Officers

Data will tell fascinating stories, if you get out of its way and let it talk, says Josh Reynolds, head of marketing and client consulting at Quantifind.

It’s up to marketers to use their curiosity and intuition, combined with those data-based stories, to make decisions that will positively impact marketing performance. Marketers also need to use curiosity and intuition to uncover the mysteries that data can reveal, such as what’s behind changes in sales or loyalty.

Quiet the complainers, satisfy the cravers

There are two types of restaurant customers, according to researchers at Quantifind, a data analytics firm based in Menlo Park. There are cravers, and there are complainers.

“It comes down to asking yourself, ‘Who is my current customer?’” said Joshua Reynolds, head of marketing and client consulting at Quantifind. “‘Do I want to change that or play to it?’”

Listen to Consumers, Beat the Competition

By listening to the consumer voice, brands can tap into missed revenue opportunities.

You almost certainly wouldn’t expect that the go-to meeting spot for online dating is Panera Bread. That’s because Panera doesn’t expend any energy branding itself as a rendezvous point for existing couples. And of course, most people dream of meeting their soulmate across a Venetian gondola, not a Bacon Turkey Bravo.

Customer journeys, blind spots & burgers: Lessons from fast-food marketing

Believe it or not, you can learn a thing or two from the world of burgers and fries, says columnist Joshua Reynolds. Here's why your marketing analytics should take a page from the fast food industry.

Quantifind’s New Analysis Application Lets Marketers Ask Their Own Questions

In order to give marketers more control over getting insights from conversations that predict their business outcomes, the company released this week an Analysis application for its existing SIGNUM platform.

Quantifind specializes in finding and analyzing the conversations that are predictive of the desired metrics.

Quantifind Launches SIGNUM Analysis

Quantifind announced general availability of SIGNUM Analysis, a cloud-based, self-service analytics application that gives marketers a new and innovative way to identify consumer data that drives business performance.

SIGNUM is built on Quantifind’s groundbreaking explanatory analytics technology, which transcends buzz and sentiment analysis.

Three Big Digital Analytics Mistakes That Marketers Make

Even the most experienced marketing gurus make mistakes. But in the age of data-driven everything, many mistakes can be avoided by being smart about data and implementing a solid analytics strategy.

Let's look at what those challenges are, how to avoid them in the future.

Data-driven Storytelling: The intersection of Numbers and Narrative

We need to correlate the buzz around the topics our customers care about against movements in the KPIs our executives care about.

That way, we can filter out the oceans of irrelevant data and avoid starting the story with something popular but not persuasive.

What “human-in-the-loop computing” means for marketers

Don't let artificial intelligence replace human judgment in your marketing analytics. Columnist Joshua Reynolds discusses why you need a combination of human intuition and intelligent data to make the right decisions.

Even in uncertain economic times, marketing technologies continue to flourish. Overworked marketers facing a shortage of hours in the day are discovering enormous efficiency gains with a variety of automated solutions.

Quantifind: when data drives dollars

"If you know you have the right data and the right question, you're done. If you're not sure, you might try Quantifind." That's the pitch Josh Reynolds made to me. He's Head of Marketing at Quantifind, so of course he would. But the digger you deep, the more intriguing Quantifind's proffer is.

Essentially, Reynolds told me, the West coast SaaS-based insights platform is addressing a problem which businesses are already tackling from a variety of perspectives.

This Stanford physicist quit academia to help companies like Pepsi sell more soda

Quantifind president Ari Tuchman doesn't have the background you might expect from a startup founder.

Rather than a computer science degree from Princeton or MIT, or an MBA from Harvard, Tuchman holds a PhD in atomic physics from Yale — specifically with a focus on Bose Einstein condensation. His cofounder, John Stockton, is a quantum particle physicist.

One Sign that Marketing Analytics Are Taking Off

One fast-growing area of marketing software investment is analytics, as companies search for the missing link between specific campaigns and revenue growth. The February 2016 edition of a biennial survey of chief marketing officers predicts a 66% increase in spending for this category over the next three years.

Quantifind, which Wednesday disclosed a $30 million venture round led by Cathay Innovation, is among the software purveyors vying for a piece of that growth. The new funding, which is its fourth outside round, doubles its backing to more than $60 million. The valuation wasn’t disclosed.

Quantifind Secures $30 Million Funding Round

Financing Will Enable the On-Demand Insights Platform Provider to Expand into New Markets and Grow Talent

Menlo Park, California – Quantifind, on-demand insights platform for brands, today announced that it has closed a $30 million funding round led by global investment firm Cathay Innovation. Previous investors Redpoint Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, Iris Capital and AME Cloud Ventures also joined the round.

Marketing insight platform Quantifind raises $30M and will double Menlo Park staff

Marketing insight platform Quantifind raised $30 million in venture funding Wednesday to help companies understand how their advertising efforts drive revenue.

Cathay Innovation led the round with participation from previous investors such as Redpoint Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, Iris Capital and AME Cloud Ventures.

Quantifind Secures $30M In Funding From Data Strategy

Quantifind has secured $30 million in funding led by global investment firm Cathay Innovation, the company announced Wednesday. This round brings total funding to about $60 million. Previous investors Redpoint Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, Iris Capital and AME Cloud Ventures also joined the round.

The company's fourth round of funding will enable Quantifind to hire talent, invest in technology and data science, and expand into new markets and geographies within North America.

Cathay leads funding round for Quantifind

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Quantifind, which provides on-demand insights for brands, announced it has raised a $30 million round of funding led by Cathay Innovation. Previous investors Redpoint Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, Iris Capital and AME Cloud Ventures also participated in the round.

Auto-Tune for Marketing: Tips For Using Analytics To Plan, Execute And Adjust Your Marketing Strategy In Real Time

How can you keep your marketing strategy in tune when the industry is shifting so quickly? Columnist Joshua Reynolds has some tips for how to adjust and change course ahead of time so that you'll always be prepared.

When data surprises you, have the courage to act

To marketers, social media and other forms of consumer data represent new struggles. To turn these struggles into viable strategies, marketers need fresh and innovative approaches — but they should also follow the example set over 70 years ago by a World War II-era mathematician.

CEOs, CMOs, And Executive Recruiters Make Predictions For Marketing Leaders in 2016

What are the top predictions for marketing leaders heading into 2016? To find out, I turned to some of the leading experts, including CEOs, CMOs, and executive recruiters.

Human Intuition Vs. Marketing Data: Forging A New Alliance

Human intuition and data don't need to be at odds with one another. Columnist Joshua Reynolds explains why the most effective marketing analytics solutions make use of both mind and machine.

Marketers Need to Chill Out About Ad Blockers

Marketers have been in uproar over iOS 9 ad blockers. But ad blockers aren't an impediment to marketers; they're a wakeup call to use data to create better consumer experiences.

How Marketers Can Get Past the Hype of Marketing Analytics

All the marketing analytics in the world don't add up to much if you're unable to tie your data to revenue and use it to dictate marketing strategy. This is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers. In fact, three out of four CEOs say their CMOs lack business credibility because they're not talking about revenue in a meaningful way.

What Drives Brand Advocacy? Identifying the Factors That Need Repair.

Discover which relationship elements require constant care in an environment where word-of-mouth often has greater influence than traditional marketing campaigns.

Marketers Should Be Data Savvy, Not Data Scientists

For marketers, it’s easy to feel under attack.

Virtually every new industry report emphasizes how much marketers spend on data analytics and how little they have to show for it. Every month, another expert jumps on the “Math Men” bandwagon, declaring that traditional marketing skills just don’t cut it in the new world of endless data.

Media Vet David Karnstedt Says Audience Development Is As Important As Sales Execution

David Karnstedt, who headed performance-marketing engine Efficient Frontier during its $400 million sale to Adobe in 2011, is taking the reins yet again as CEO of a data startup called Quantifind. He will lead a 60-person team seeking to scale quickly.

Industry Vet David Karnstedt to Head Data Startup Quantifind as CEO

David Karnstedt has worked with a long list of well-known digital firms over the years, from Yahoo to Adobe. Now the industry vet will take on the role of CEO at Silicon Valley startup Quantifind. He starts the gig today, though he's been involved with the data-driven decision-making and predictive-analytics firm as an investor and board member over the past few years.

The plan for Mr. Karnstedt is to transform Quantifind into a larger-scale firm. He said his previous work with companies specializing in predictive analytics and machine learning such as Yahoo and Efficient Frontier has provided a foundation for what lies ahead at Quantifind.

Quantifind Raises $12M To Translate Social Media Data Into Sales

Quantifind, a marketing analytics startup led by former physicists, is announcing that it has raised $12 million.

The company describes this as a strategic funding round, led by Comcast Ventures and Iris Capital. Existing investors AME Cloud Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and U.S. Venture Partners also participated in the new funding.

Quantifind was apparently operating under-the-radar for several years before starting to talk to the press in May. I spoke to Ari Tuchman (CEO, and a former DARPA technical lead with a Ph.D. in atomic physics from Yale) and John Stockton (head of product, with a Ph.D. in atomic physics from Caltech) around that time, and they both emphasized that Quantifind isn’t just another social listening service.

Reading Between the Tweets: What Social Media Musings Really Mean

Social media's ocean of tweets and likes is supposed to be a treasure chest for companies wanting to target their online ads to consumers.

For example, if someone tweets how much they love a new movie trailer, it must mean that person is going to see the film in the theater, right?

Often, that's not the case. And companies are finding that parsing the meanings behind the global conversation taking place on social media isn't as straightforward as you might think.

Atomic Physicists at Quantifind Want to Help Brands Make Sense of Social Data

Quants continue their sweep into marketing in search of interesting problems and viable business models in which to address them.

Case in point: the two atomic physicists who founded Menlo Park, Calif.-based Quantifind. They once worked on contract for the CIA—using algorithms to detect the aliases used by terrorist groups and shell companies that were really money laundering fronts—before they applied their technology to interpreting social data for big brands.

"It was a lot of fun," said Quantifind CEO Ari Tuchman, referring to the CIA pilots. "It wasn't clear there was a business there."

Predictive Marketing Platform Quantifind Raises $12 Million

Quantifind, whose technology is designed to find relevant marketing signals amid the noise of unstructured data, has raised $12 million in a strategic growth round led by Comcast Ventures and Iris Capital.

The company had raised about $10.5 million in the last eight months, according to cofounder and CEO Ari Tuchman, although this does not represent the totality of the company's financing. The funding will be used to scale Quantifind's technology and ramp up sales efforts into new verticals and use cases.

Push to Exploit an Ocean of Information

It took atomic physicists Ari Tuchman and John Stockton four years to realize that there was no future for the business they had set up to make gyroscopes for nuclear submarines and missiles.

Last year, however, they hit on a new use for the complex algorithms they had written: to predict what kind of people are most likely to buy tickets for Hollywood’s latest blockbuster films.